Learn how to Clean your Lounge

What is Lounge Cleaning?

Apart from the obvious, Lounge Cleaning refers to the process of maintaining a healthy atmosphere in case of sanitation so as to have a healthy environment and a better place to be in. Sometimes it is difficult to remove stains from Lounges.

Should I Clean my own lounge?

If you are willing to get your hands dirty, cleaning your upholstery at home will work out a lot cheaper than getting it professionally cleaned.  What products you use to clean your lounge will depend on the type of lounge and actually how dirty it is.

Patch testing before cleaning at home

Unlike professional upholstery cleaning companies who know exactly what product to clean your lounge with, the best idea is to patch test and inconspicuous spot on your lounge first before attempting the whole thing.  The last thing you want to do is completely ruin your lounge.

Read the cleaning instructions on your lounge first

Like most fabrics, lounges will have cleaning instructions hidden away on a label.  These can be a little bit tricky to find as they are usually at the back or underneath the lounge.

Cleaning a Leather lounge

General Rules – Use warm soapy water with a gentle soap.  Do not use anything which contains alcohol as it will strip away the moisture from the upholstery and cause it to deteriorate and start cracking.

Cleaning a Microfibre Lounge

Once again, a microfibre lounge can be cleaned usually with warm soapy water.  Handy Hint – Baby Wipes can be used to get rid of many stains!

Cleaning a Suede Lounge

When cleaning a suede lounge DO NOT use soapy water as it will shrink, possibly stain and ruin the suede.  Steam Cleaners can be used – Probably best to leave these up to the professionals.

How to Clean a Fabric Lounge

If you own a steam cleaner, these can be great to clean a fabric lounge if you have the necessary attachments for the steam cleaner.  Another great way to clean a fabric lounge is using a small amount of laundry liquid with warm water and clean it with a sponge.

How to Clean a Vinyl Lounge

As most vinyl lounges are usually quite cheap, the upholstery used can be quite flimsy.  Never ever (an I cannot state this enough) use any household cleaners as these will make the surface fall apart in no time.  One part vinegar to two parts water in a spray bottle is often quite useful to clean a Vinyl lounge.

Lounge Cleaning Companies

When all else fails, it’s time to get in an Upholstery Cleaning Company.

Lounge Cleaning Companies make use of different chemical products that best suits the problems of the clients so as to give the best solution for the problems faced by them.

What should I look out for when choosing a Lounge Cleaning Service?

  • They must give a guarantee of their work.
  • Must charge reasonable prices for the services rendered by them.
  • They must have a good reputation
  • They must be a fully licensed company
  • They must make use of environment friendly products and chemicals – you don’t want to have to leave your lounge outside before you can go any where near it.

Take a look around this site.  I’ll be posting some handy tips and hints on how to clean your lounge.  Any questions?  Leave them in the comments below!