Cleaning and Caring for a Black Leather Lounge

Many people prefer to buy black leather lounges. Apart form the fact that a leather lounge is a stylish addition to a lounge room, buying a black leather lounge goes well with most things.

As opposed to fabric loungers, a leather lounge is a highly sort after item. The reason being is because it looks expensive whilst still looking modern and simple. But how do you clean a black leather lounge?

Clean a black leather lounge regularly

Make sure you clean a black leather lounge regularly. Although it is harder to spot stains and dirt, keeping it clean will make sure that it lasts a lot longer. To clean a black leather lounge start by vacuuming the corners of the lounge to remove any built up particles. Try and clean your leather lounge at least once a week. Then wipe over the lounge with a damp cloth. If you spill something on the lounge make sure you wipe it off immediately. Whilst a leather lounge looks like it is more durable, remember that it is a natural product and is more susceptible to wear and tear.

Cleaning a Black Leather Lounge – Avoid using lots of water and soap. Never use Ammonia or any cleaning solvent!

As in the previous part of this article I mentioned only to use a damp cloth. Don’t make the mistake of cleaning a leather lounge with excessive amounts of water and soap as it will make the lounge suite deteriorate sooner. As mentioned never use any solvents like Ammonia – particularly on black as it will bleach the leather.

Use a Leather Conditioner to protect your leather lounge

Don’t fall in to the trap of using a leather conditioner too often. Whilst this will make the lounge nice and shiny it is not the best thing to do. A leather lounge should be only conditioned once every 6 to 12 months. Once again – use a leather conditioner sparingly.

Avoid placing a leather lounge in direct sunlight or heat

If at all possible, avoid putting a black leather lounge near direct sunlight or heat. Essentially this means not placing the lounge right next to a window and definitely not right next to a heater or fireplace. Choose a cool place for your lounge suite.

Don’t sit in the one spot

Most people have a favourite spot on their lounge. If this spot starts showing the signs of wear and tear either switch the cushions around or switch spots. It’s a bit like rotating the tyres on a car.

Remember, your Black Leather Lounge probably cost thousands of dollars. Follow these tips above and your lounge should last you for many years to come.

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