Handy Tip – Using a Throw to Protect your Lounge Suite

It may be common knowledge but everyone knows how easily a house can get messy especially when you have children. Whilst cleaning a lounge suite will keep your lounge in tip top shape, every time you clean the lounge it starts to reduce its life span. There is any easy way to protect your lounge from wear and tear without having to cover it in plastic!


1. Pull out the cushions and vacuum it regularly

After a while bits and pieces of rubbish along with hair and fur (if you have a dog or cat) will start to build up. Vacuum all these nasties out.

2. Cover your lounge with a Throw or two

Now you may be immediate conjuring up images of grandma’s old lounge with doilies all over it but the type of throws I’m talking about will nicely decorate your upholstery and will also catch most dust and dirt from getting embedded in to the lounge. Another benefit is they will absorb a lot of sweat from people sitting on your lounge.
The best thing about throws is they can easily be cleaned in the washing machine and if worse comes to worse simply throw :) it out and buy a new one. Whilst your at it, get a couple of cushions, mix and match and create a masterpiece in your lounge room.
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